Deborah A. Flach

Chief Operating Officer, San Antonio Housing Authority

“The San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) has had a very successful and productive business relationship and high recommends The Franklin Companies and their team.  SAHA has partnered with Franklin on several multi-family projects totaling nearly $100,000,000 over the past four years.  These projects were a combination of mixed-income and public housing and financed using tax-exempt bonds, 4% and 9% tax credits and numerous sources of soft debt.  

The Franklin team is diligent and professional, traits that prove valuable when creating a public/private partnership.  Their strong reputation and expertise in community support has allowed our developments to be very well received as a recipe for successful affordable housing. 

In addition, Franklin has always been able to secure attractive financing terms, which translate to efficient and long-term sustainability in our developments.  We are proud to have Franklin Development as our community partner.”