Judy H. Sanchez

Executive Director, Housing Authority of the City of Port Isabel

“In 2010, Franklin was selected by the Housing Authority of the City of Port Isabel Board of Commissioners as our first choice to redevelop a 73 unit mixes income, mixed finance development in Port Isabel, Texas.  From the very beginning, Franklin has proven to be the right choice.  Not only were we successful in securing highly competitive tax credit financing, but we are set to begin construction on brand new affordable housing units this August.  We have appreciated Franklin’s honesty and willingness to explain the sometimes complex process of developing and financing affordable housing.  Their attention to detail and commitment to providing the highest quality product gives me comfort that we will have a high successful development for years to come. Their team is set up so that we always know who to contact when we have questions and this accessibility has made all the difference in making sure we plan the best development possible. Their integrity and commitment to “getting it done” is refreshing and we look forward to our long term partnership.”