Ryan Wilson

Executive Vice-President, Development

Ryan G. Wilson currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Development for Franklin Companies where he has responsibility for all aspects of the development process.  Mr. Wilson brings an entrepreneurial spirit to his role where he actively engages in the leadership of his team as well as the cultivation of essential relationships.  Mr. Wilson is the longest-serving employee at Franklin Companies as he was hired by Aubra Franklin in 1999.  Since that time, Mr. Wilson has been integral in the growth of Franklin Companies to a firm of 450 employees that is distinguished in its industry as a firm of integrity and excellence. 

Mr. Wilson is a focused executive who is particularly adept at coordinating complex projects with multiple stakeholders and seeing them through to completion.  Over the years he has honed his ability to identify business opportunities that have contributed to Franklin Companies’ position as an industry leader in multifamily, senior, and affordable housing.  In a competitive field where many firms find difficulty in closing transactions, Franklin Companies is one of only a few firms that have maintained continuous operations over the past ten years of affordable housing development. 

Mr. Wilson intentionally builds relationships that are imbued with integrity.  Every project to which the firm commits is unique with regard to structure, stakeholders and goals.  Under Mr. Wilson’s leadership, the development team at Franklin Companies is equipped to nimbly respond as a trusted source for execution particularly in the area of affordable housing that often requires intense community and political support as well as a unique ability to identify and secure various financing sources.  One of the team’s many successes includes the 2009 securing of a forward commitment of state tax credits for Sutton Oaks in San Antonio.  During that year, the firm was one of a handful of developments in the state to be awarded a forward commitment of tax credits and close its financing during a period of great economic uncertainty. 

Mr. Wilson serves as a board member for both the San Antonio Apartment Association and the Mission del Lago Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone.  He is also a member of the Texas Affiliation of Affordable Housing Providers.  Mr. Wilson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in History as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management both from the University of Washington.  In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mr. Wilson is a committed athlete having competed in marathons as well as three Ironman Triathlons.  Mr. Wilson is a husband and father of two children and enjoys time exploring the outdoors.